Bianca’s Pasta

Bianca’s, a high-end, fresh pasta maker needed a sophisticated logo to match its modern, European personality.  A well-travelled, well-heeled target market with high taste expectations and expensive habits demanded it.


Bianca’s Pasta

brand development / brand identity / packaging design 

Define, Dig, Design & Launch

We created a logo with delicious movement, combining the sensibilities of fashion and food into an elegant but whimsical design that makes reference to the act of hungrily sweeping pasta off a plate. Colour inspiration came from pasta ingredients. Palette differences serve as a practical identifier for large orders. For packaging, we went for simple, consistent, practical and cost-efficient without sacrificing a luxury feel.

What did clients say?

“It’s been five years and we still think we have the most beautiful and elegant logo in town.” – Mimi & Robert

Made by MAD

Concept & Design by Anna Addison