Press Release - New Studio

MAD Consort is excited to announce…us! A concept-driven brand, design, packaging and luxury gift studio working in Amsterdam but creating for companies big and small all over the world. Hello! 

Building a great brand is a big deal, but we’ve got your back. We’re big-agency ex-patriots with the experience you get at a top firm, but with the creative tenacity you really want when you’re changing messaging, launching a product, or building a brand from the ground up. 

We call what we do Brave Design for Fearless Brands, and we approach our work like archeologists and architects—digging in to uncover the truth in your story and building out your best message to the world. 

We’ve worked our magic for clients from Europe to the U.S., building identities and creating products for over 15 years for medium and big business, for start ups, corporations, wine and spirit purveyors, hotels and restaurants, delicatessens, and all kinds of everyday products and services.

We’re not new, but our location is—a brand new studio in the Pijp neighbourhood of Amsterdam, a vibrant, market and cafe-filled district in one of the world’s most creative and globally connected cities. Here, we work alongside more than 100 creative businesses (and one well-known studio dog, Judge). Our neighbours are designers, printers, architects and PR professionals, illustrators, web developers, video and film producers. Inspiration floats down the canals straight to us from all over the world here. We are thrilled to call this incredible, beautiful place home. 

We’re MAD about a lot of things—and connection is one. Check us out at to see our work and email us at to get started on the intimidating (but we promise, amazing) journey of telling your story to the world.

- Anna Addison