Atlanta Restaurant Group

SHLOK lounge 

We developed an identity system along with membership invites, sophisticated menus, staff uniforms, cutlery and signage that emulated the elegant club’s modern architecture and for an exclusive entourage.



/ brand development / brand identity / marketing / POS

Define, Dig & Design

Atlanta Restaurant Group is a team of entrepreneurs with a top-shelf dining experience, high-quality food and an urge to grow. A mishmash of design elements held them back, so we went for consistency—and a brand that would shout to trendy patrons “this is exclusive and special.” 

Launch & RIO

Two restaurants and a lounge turned into three franchised brands with over 16 properties nationwide, and they’re still growing.  

Made by MAD

Brand Development & Design: Anna Addison Writer & Editor: Kendra Rainey  Video Commercials by Anna Addison & Dopp Kit Media


What sid the clients say?

Anna Addison came in during a critical expansion period for our restaurants. That year, sales "expanded from 888,000 USD to 2,520,000 USD—a 283% increase.  Now, year after year we are seeing consistent 120%+ growth.  While several factors are involved in this, branding and packaging were critical to solidifying our message, building our customer base, and unifying our franchisees.” 
“We’re also now packaging our own materials.  The entire concept was made by Anna and we are receiving a great response.”