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There’s this thing that much of the world has forgotten. A pleasantry, really. A nicety that says “I’ve been thinking about you," and “I really thought about who you are” at the same time. It’s the art of gifting—and it’s something we at MAD CONSORT take very seriously.

This is a Gift of Time, Creativity, and of course, Booze.

Sabine Lenz Founder at has chosen to feature The Clear Line this week on PaperSpecks Galley! Cheers



In front of you lies The Clear Line, a hand-crafted artisan gift designed and made in Amsterdam—by us, for you to share. We’ve distilled our passion for branding, exquisite corporate and self-promotional gifts and luxury packaging into four crystal-clear bottles.

They’re pretty special: with a sense of place and a sly reference to the straight line of smart thinking that runs from concept to creation in great design. It’s just a hint at how we work around here: thoughtfully, with wit, vibrancy and a whole lot of spirit. Cheers!

Made by MAD

Concept & Design: Anna Addison In consort with Designer: Claire Morelli  Writer: Kendra RaineyPhotographer: George Zenko